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Seeknes for Admin
StormyDate: Sunday, 2012-06-17, 10:46 AM | Message # 1
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Real name :Chris

In game name : Seekness

Server Time :
I have currently been playing for over a month and tend to keep playing as long as the server is running.

Age : 16

Handling Issues :depends on how bad it was abuse if it was in game I would warn them then if they keep abusing people mute them for about ten minutes to cool down and then if they keep going after that they will be banned as for griefs i would try help as best i could and try resolve the problem.

Time Zone :AEST

Info on me :I am a full time student, i enjoy the game of football, cricket and sports, i enjoy getting out with mates, i also enjoy playing videos games with mates as well.

Abusing Admin :I wouldn't abuse the admin power as I am not that kind of person, i enjoy the good old Co4/Deathrun and helping people when they call

At what times of the day will you play? : Any time in between School and social commitments. This usually means that I play about 2-4 hours during. And in the weekends I will usually play about four hours split randomly across the day, depending on what I am doing that day.

[color=blue]Why you want to be Admin?: [/color]I want to be mod because I see it as the next logical step in terms of my involvement with this community. At the moment I am very active on the forums and this will only increase if I am given Admin. I want to be a voice of reason on the server, I am surprisingly level headed when it comes to any matter which would involve the use of admin powers i.e. kicking for player abuse, hacking or not following rules.

What can you do to help out the server and the community? : As I already am, I am super active in game helping people out the best that I can, i feel that my help is limited without moderator powers. The majority of the time I will try to be as fair as possible, unless someone who has constantly been told to stop keeps on abusing/breaking rules.

What would make you stand out from the other moderators? : The main thing that does make me stand out from the other moderators is my ability to be there when people need help, i will always be on call when ever people need a hand. I have a lot of time during the day to look after the server. 4 till at-least 8pm.

Comments :
Please leave your thoughts on my admin application. Positive and negative are all welcomed. I only ask that before you support or do not support this application that you think through your reasoning and put it down too. So, don't bother with posts about my age or the fact that 'you don't like me'. That's not what this is about.

- Seekness

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