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Faidee's Admin Application
FaideeDate: Wednesday, 2012-04-18, 12:39 PM | Message # 1
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Why I want to become Admin:
I would really , really like to become admin on this server. Mainly because some of the admins (trinity) are just bitches. They hide behind there adminship , and when you do talk out of line , boom you get 3 warnings, arguing about the warnings give's you a perm bann? I kind of find this ridiculous , that King , would allow admins to do this ? ... I am not a guy, that warns you for swearing, maybe if it gets out of hand, and there is alot of it. then i would, and i would ask kindly to stop. But someone saying " fucking blockers " .... honeslty. it isn't that bad -.- ... Also , i would try and keep everyone happy, and people not raging at everyone and at the admins. Like another admin , trinity said. and i quote.. " I am trying to give this clan a reputation " ... Mate, you don't ownt he clan -.-.. and also, you're giving us a reputation of being up tight assholes that can't handle a joke, or don't understand why people rage in life ....
Why I think I would make a good admin:
I think I would personally make a good admin is like pretty much everything above and also , that I try , to fit in with everyone in the game, so if someone is frustrated, I would try and help them out , if they are swearing, I wouldn't warn them and make the problem even worse, I would try and talk to them , and try and sort the hole thing out . unlike some of the other admins who just warn them if they say anything that doesn't go by him.....
What sort of things would I warn/kick/wtf/ban for :
Swearing out of order after being asked to stop twice by admin or ingame people.
Accusing people for hacking and starting game disorders .
Just being a dick head more than 3 times.
Swearing constantly (after being kicked, tempbanned and warned) after 10 warnings.
Causing trouble in the lobby, blocking after 5 warnings (kicks and tempbans)
People not shuting up , or constantly spamming chat after 4 warnings.
Calling people names , after being warned 5 times.
Pretty much everything that deserves a kick..

This is my application for being a Admin on the Deathrun server biggrin

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Forum » ICE » Admin » Faidee's Admin Application (Application :D)
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