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Dat_Life's moderator aaplication
Dat_LifeDate: Sunday, 2013-07-28, 3:40 PM | Message # 1
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What is your Minecraft IGN? : Dat_Life

What country do you live in?: Norway.

How long have you been playing on Ice?: I cant exactly remember, as my account got hacked and i couldnt log onto it.

Have you ever broken any rules?: I have never broken any of the rules during my time on ice-raid.

How old are you?: 14.

How active can you be ingame? : In-game around 3-6 hours a day,

Why should we choose you as a staff member?: Hello, I think I should be chosen as a staff member for Ice-Raid for the following reasons. The first reason being my personality, I am a very friendly person and I go out of my way to help people out on our server, I help everyone who asks in a nice way and treat everyone equal when it comes to respect and being friendly. Because of this I believe I am a well liked, active, and reasonable player. Another reason I would be perfect for moderator is that I will do my best to monitor the server and ensure that everyone is following the rules and treating each other (relatively) well. I will do my best to give everyone fair treatment and I will ensure that everyone has a chance to prove themselves innocent in the case of a suspected rule violation. Overall I have a good feel for the community and can help enforce the rules while at the same time ensuring that everyone who plays on this server is treated fairly. I am very active and really enjoy being apart of the community, because of this I would really enjoy the opportunity to help people in any way possible. I will be a determined staff member if given the chance and do my absolute best to handle all aspects of the Moderator job to the best of my abilities. thank you for taking the time to read this.

What should you do if you see someone spamming in the chat?: This depends on the type of spam, for example if someone was spamming another servers IP I would probably kick/temp ban/mute (depends on what commands i get) them because people playing on this server like it and generally do not want to go on a server spammed randomly in chat. On the other hand if it was a player spamming something like "Tp for epic raid" I would probably private message them asking them to slow down, if they refused to comply I would issue a mute and give them a few hours to think about how spamming is annoying.

Thanks for reading:)
Forum » ICE » Admin » Dat_Life's moderator aaplication (Mod App)
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