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Mod Application-Gradytheboss
g_unitDate: Friday, 2013-07-26, 8:46 PM | Message # 1
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  Grady Stanyer

  Skype/MC: Grady_Stanyer19, GRADYTHEBOSS

  Age: 18


  Hello! There are only two reasons I have decided to apply.

  1) I believe I can truly make a difference towards the server as well as the
  staff team.

  2) I love the server, and want to see it succeed.


  Some background on me... I have ran several successful servers, all of which
  gained profit from donations. I have also helped out a few friends with their
  servers, resulting in them being successful as well. I have an excessive
  amount of experience, as I have had to teach myself everything. I'm
  dedicated, hardworking, and when faced with a problem, I make it my priority
  to solve it. You will never see me pushing problems off to other staff
  members, as I feel I wouldn't be doing my job. By now you may think I am some
  hard-ass... That's far from the truth. I love to have fun and joke around
  in-game. But work is always the priority. When it come to servers, I take
  things very seriously. I use to own my own World of Warcraft private server.
  I scripted my own Boss/Mob fights, and much more. I had around 150 players
  online constantly. It was hard work, but because of my dedication, I
  succeeded in making a huge profit from Donations. I bring this up because I
  believe these are the qualities you are looking for. I also know many
  programming languages, such as Lua, VB, some C++, and some Java. Currently, I
  am taking a Computer Repair / Networking class, where I have already achieved
  many certifications such as the Nocti, A+, Fiber Optic, Green, and my course
  completion certification. So if hired, I'm not limited to just server-side


  To sum everything up  I'm very helpful
  in the player relations role, and I don't tolerate  hackers. I hope you consider me, as I am
  not one to disappoint. I guarantee you will have no problems with me. Thanks!


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