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Minecraft188199 Moderator Apllication
MinecraftDate: Wednesday, 2013-07-17, 1:06 PM | Message # 1
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Minecraft188199 ModeratorApplication
Before I start I would like to thank many people who have supported and encouraged me to go through with this application and I would also like to give you a brief description of why I would like to become a Moderator. Ever since I have joined this
server I have seen a lot of Moderators come and go, though right now in Ice-Raid all i'm seeing is no Moderators online,

Your Minecraft Username: Minecraft188199 or Minecraft for short.

Skype Name: My Skype name is Mr.Minecraft188199.

How Old Are You:Right now I'm 13 though I'm turning 14 in a month (18 of August.) I may be young and yes I'm still learning, but I will try to use proper spelling and grammar at all times. I'm also mature for my age though I can admit in the past I
have been very silly and stupid with my language.

How Long Have You Been playing Ice-Raid: I've been playing Ice-Raid for 1-2 months coming. I think to be a Moderator you need to have experience on the server and I've been playing on the server for at least 2 months. The 2 months that I've been
on this server I have seen a lot of problems and I have watched how the Admins and Ops deal with the problems and I think I can now help deal with these problems.

Have You Been A Moderator Before:Yes, on another server I have been a Moderator.
Current Rank:My current rank is Member I'm also very aware of the other V.I.P commands so there is nothing to worry about if an Bedrock V.I.P asked me how to do/use a specific command. Hopefully I will be upgrading to a V.I.P to contribute more to this fantastic server and hopefully make it better.

What Time Zone Are You In: GMT. I'm also currently living in Western Australia.
During What Time Of Week And Day Can You Come Online:I am on for at least 1-2 hours on a weekday and 2-6 hours on a weekend and during the school holidays I will be able to come on 2-6 hours a day. Sometimes I will be unavailable but I will try not to miss 1 week (unless I'm on a camp, but I will inform King when I do so.) Other than that I do have a normal life so if I'm not on for a day or two, It must be important.

What Is A Moderator’s Job: A Moderator job is something that is serious. and It's a privilege not a right. A Moderators job is to help anyone on forms and gameplay. They
also stop spammers/hackers and enforce the rules on others. A Moderator
should also not break the rules... Versus talking or defaming someone.
Moderators should be online as much as they can and try and help anyone
that asks them whether it be an enemy faction or an ally. As a Moderator
you should treat everyone the same, if you see on of your faction
leaders/members hacking you should not let them off, you should give
them the same treatment that you would give anyone. As a Moderator you
should also know all the answers to any players relevant question. Last
of all the Moderators job is to be like any other player. The Moderator should not
hack/defame/disrespect/versus talk excreta. As a Moderator I KNOW I will follow all the rules of Ice-Raid, as I follow them now.

Why do you want to be a Moderator:I want to be a Moderator because I think we need one In my time zone, but that's not all. I also want to be a moderator because I think we need a few more Moderators on Ice-raid. I want to be the Moderator that helps everyone but punishes people that deserve it. If I saw someone breaking the rules I would warn them (depending on how serious it was) then I would ban them and post why I banned them on the forms. I also want to be a Moderator because I know Ice-raid is lacking Moderators and I would like to join the staff team to help them out.

Thanks for Reading
Added (2013-07-17, 1:06 PM)
Awe the message stuffed up with the format.

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